Alarm Installation

You would need a new security alarm if you don't already have an existing alarm or if that existing system is too old. New security alarms will typically come with a basic package that will give you a very good level of coverage. Any equipment beyond the normal package will cost extra for more equipment.

Alarm Services has some of the best deals available on new home alarms. We can alter our basic package deal and mix and match to better meet your needs if our normal home security alarm doesn't meet your needs. Additionally, we use equipment that guarantees you the ability to upgrade if required.

Your system type will differ depending on whether you have a one-story or two-story home. Two-story homes have limited ability to run wires so you may need a wireless or combination hardwired and wireless home security alarm. Most single-story homes on the other hand have roof space and you would therefore get a hard-wired system installed. In both cases you of course receive a professional installation. Neither type of system is necessarily better then the other (wireless vs. hard-wired). Remember, regardless of whether you live in a single-story or multi-story, if your home was pre-wired for a home security alarm you already have all wires run and would have a hard-wired install. However, if you didn't have a pre-wired home and you live in a two-story home then you may have to have a wireless or partially wireless alarm.

Usually you will have a motion detectors placed inside the home to catch anyone walking around while you are not there. This set-up will cover the vast majority of potential break-ins. You can add more to any system that we install. Having said that, everyone's needs are different and after you have provided yourself with the basic deterrent factor then additional security is up to you. Of course your security system is upgradeable at any time should you desire to add on to it. Contact an Alarm Services security representative today to find out more about a home security alarm for you home.